What do the lights on my Homely Hub mean?


Which of these Hubs do you have installed?


hub1 okay




Zone LED

node 1 green Temperature Node Connected
node 1 amber Temperature Node Pairing
node 1 red Temperature Node Connection Lost
heating scheduled Zone Scheduled Heating
heating boosted Zone Boosted Heating

Single Press Zone button = Heating Boost

Long press = initiates Node Pairing on the Hub

Hot Water

hot water green Hot Water Scheduled Heating
hot water red Hot Water Fault
hot water flash green Hot Water Boosted Heating

Single Press Hot Water button = Hot Water boost


image-png-Feb-24-2023-01-15-37-5991-PM Hub connected to Wi-Fi and internet
wifi yellow Hub connected to Wi-Fi but not the internet
wifi amber Hub not connected to Wi-Fi
image-png-Feb-24-2023-01-20-08-6819-PM Hub is in Wi-Fi Pairing Mode
image-png-Feb-24-2023-12-19-07-1773-PM Hub is updating

Long press = initiates Wi-Fi Pairing Mode



There are three lights on the Homely Hub, namely L1 (left), L2 (middle) and L3 (right) as displayed below.

Light ID Visual Function
L1 (Left)  Indicates whether the Hub is in WiFi pairing or normal mode.
Flashing: WiFi pairing mode.
On: normal operation.

If you need assistance with setting up your Wi-Fi connection, click here.
L2 (Middle) Displays the current internet connection of the Hub.
Flashing: lost internet connection.
On: Wi-Fi pairing.
Off: connected to internet.

If you need assistance with maintaining your Wi-Fi connection, click here.
L3 (Right) Indicates the connection to the Temperature Node.
Flashing: lost Node connection.
On: Node pairing mode.
Off: Node connected. 

If you need assistance with connecting your Node, click here.