How will I know if my Homely Temperature Node is connected with my Homely Hub, and how do I restore the connection if it has been lost?

If you can see the lights on your Homely Hub then it is fairly straightforward. When the connection is lost, the furthest right light on the Hub will flash. When the connection has been restored successfully, this light will stop flashing and remain off.
The alternative way to tell is by checking the Homely App. On the Home page, above the temperature reading, is “Updated” with a date and time. After you have done the restore steps below, check the date and time next to “Updated”. It should show that an update has occurred recently. This confirms the reconnection was successful.

Let’s get your connection restored
Firstly, whilst stood next to the Homely Hub, press the Homely Temperature Node button once. That often fixes things. As above, check to see if the light stops flashing or check the app to see if an update has been received.
Not worked? OK, let’s try this. Press and hold the Homely Hub's right button for 5 seconds and then press and hold the Homely Temperature Node button for 12 seconds. As before, check to see if the light stops flashing or check the App for an updated date and time.

Node battery replacement
Try pressing the Node button, does the Node light flash? If not, your Node may need a battery replacement, click here for guidance.

Need further assistance?
If the connection still isn’t restored, please give the Homely Helpline a call on 01618189005.

Tips on keeping your connection live
- Make sure that your Homely Hub and Homely Temperature Node are less than 10 metres apart.
- As with any wireless connection, the thickness of internal walls and the presence of large, heavy items of furniture can hamper connectivity. If you think that could be an issue then consider moving the Homely Temperature Node to an alternative spot within the home.