How do I replace the battery in my Homely Temperature Node?

How to identify the Homely Temperature Node's battery needs replacing
After triple clicking the Node's button, the Node light does not flash.

node with annotations
How to change the Homely Temperature Node's battery

The Homely Temperature Node is powered by a single CR2032 battery (as shown in the photo below). CR2032 batteries are inexpensive and are widely available to purchase, either online or in supermarkets and hardware stores. If your battery needs changing just follow the steps below.  Please ensure you have a replacement battery and a Phillips screwdriver to hand, before starting.
  1. Flip the Homely Temperature Node on to its side and carefully pry apart the enclosures.


  2.  Once opened, the Homely Temperature Node will appear like this.

                                  Asset_4                  Asset_5

  3. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove all four screws from the Homely Temperature Node.                            Asset_6  
  4. Once the screws have been removed, the base of the node enclosure and the board can be separated.

            Asset_7 Asset_8         Asset_9

  5. Flip the board over and you should be able to see the battery in its slot. Use a narrow tool, such as your screwdriver, to slide the battery out.

           Asset_8    .     Asset_11

  6. Insert the replacement battery into the empty slot. Please ensure that the "+" symbol on the board is lined up with the "+" symbol on the battery holder.

  7. Use the screws to reattach the board onto the node enclosure and secure both parts by gently squeezing them together.      
                     Asset_6Asset_4             Asset_5

                                      Asset_3                Asset_2

Please note that after a battery change your node will need to be re-paired. Please click here for instructions on how to pair your node.