How do I temporarily disable Homely and control my Midea heat pump?

If you're having a technical issue with Homely, we'd recommend trying the Homely Support Bot first, the bot can be found at the bottom of the website home page

If you're unable to solve your issue with the Support Bot, try contacting a member of the Support Team here.

If you have an urgent issue and aren't able to contact a member of the team; please follow these steps to take revert control back to your heat pump. 

The following article is a guide to reverting control back to your Midea heat pump.

Disabling Homely
Please make your way to your Homely Hub which should be situated close to your indoor unit and cylinder. The Hub should look similar to the image provided below. Please unplug the black micro USB power cable from the front of the Homely Hub. Keep the power cable unplugged until you are able to return control back to Homely. 

hub1 power

Controlling your heat pump with it's own controls
This will mean that you'll be able to use the onboard Midea controller to turn your heating and hot water on/off whilst we get your Homely back up and running.

Please make your way to your heat pump controller which should look like the image below.

midea control

The Midea controller may be locked, to unlock the controller please press and hold the 'UNLOCK' button for 5 seconds. The UNLOCK button is displayed in the below image. 

midea unlock

If you cannot see the home screen as displayed above, please press the 'BACK' button to return to the home screen.

The black box highlights whether heating or hot water has been selected.

The radiator image on the left represents heating.

The tap image on the right represents hot water.

The below image shows heating has been selected.

message preview
To switch between controlling heating and hot water you'll need to use the left and right arrows demonstrated below.

message preview

Once you've selected heating or hot water, use the ON/OFF button to turn the heating or hot water on and off. This is highlighted in the image below.

message preview
To demonstrate that your heating or hot water is ON; the icon's will gain heat lines which are demonstrated in the below image. The below image shows that both heating and hot water are ON.

message preview

Your controller may have different icons, they still represent heating and hot water. 

Great! You're all set. Please use these controls as a temporary measure until a member of the support team is able to contact you. If you haven't already, contact us here.