What are the Holiday and Hot Water Only Modes?

Holiday Mode
Switching Holiday mode on means that your hot water will be disabled for the duration you are away and will prepare your hot water for the day that you have specified as your return. Your heating will also drop to a temperature you have specified and will begin to preheat in anticipation of your return. For room heating, pre-heating can occur up to two days prior to your return. For hot water, preheating occurs the day before your return. Why not check out our blog on Holiday Mode? Click here.

Hot Water Only Mode
Hot Water Only mode will completely disable your heating but continue to heat your hot water tank.  This mode is useful during warmer periods where you would like to prevent your heat pump from turning on at all.

Activating Both Modes
Activating both modes will turn off your heating and hot water.  However, essential safety features, such as Legionella protection, will still be performed.